Hello Traders! I am Pramod Luthra A Trader and a Trainer. I love to Trade, Teach and Guide people honestly. Like millions of people, I also came to this strangest and most interesting market of the world in 2004, having a dream of making smart & fast money. Like 99% other traders, market shattered my daydream very brutally.

          In Fact, I found this easy appearing money making to be very difficult & painful. After all of this, where most of the traders turn back after tasting a bitter experience and negative approach; I was given a new start towards the great journey of accomplishment by a passion to understand the market and passion to explore consistent way to earn money and commitment to succeed in it.

          Undoubtedly, this easy and small appearing journey was long enough and filled with happiness-sadness, disappointment-encouragement, satisfaction-dissatisfaction, illusion and truth etc. and nevertheless also with hard labour. I took personal classes by successful traders. I went through the international authors' books. I invested a lot of precious time, energy and money as well!

          Finally by the grace of God, I reached to some incomparable conclusions. I got to know the hidden positive and negative aspects of the market up to large extent. There could be a lot to learn yet but whatever is learned is sufficient for making consistent net profits on capital by “Trading”, although desire to perfection is still motivating me in this exciting journey.

pramod madhu luthra